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Testimonials from Arleen's Clients 

Following a bout of cancer I knew I needed more than physical healing.  Arleen has helped me work through emotional issues that have plagued me most of my life.  I am 4 sessions in and feel a spiritual lightness that has changed my life completely.  For the first time ever I have peace.
Candy Mihelic, Hodgensville, KY

"I have gone to several counselors over the past years and then I heard of Arleen's one-on-one counseling sessions. Taking only 1 or 2 sessions with Arleen was extraordinary to say the least. I learned MORE in one session than all the years of counseling elsewhere. Issues came up, and were dissolved in the same sitting. Wow! I view my father totally different, accepting him whereas before I couldn't, as one example. I love the idea of letting go of fears and anxieties & moving closer to the goals set forth before me. Thank you Arleen."
Cheryl M. New Salisbury, IN.

"I met Arleen last year and worked with her using EFT techniques prior to undergoing major surgery. Together we developed a cassette tape with powerful affirmations for me to listen to before my operation. We focused on a good outcome and a full recovery. Later my surgeon told me I had very little blood loss and did not need any blood products during surgery. Because of my work with Arleen I have new skills to bring about positive results in my life.
Sarah J., Louisville, KY 
"Arleen - Thank you again for all you taught me in such a short period of time, which just opened up the doors for more! The EFT has helped me tremendously in my daily life and I intend to open myself up to learn more about it.  Your compassionate way of teaching/healing has helped me more than you can possibly know.  I look forward to any future workshops you might hold for me to continue on this healing path."
PJM, Louisville, KY

During our first session I was able to release some very old feelings of overwhelm.  Arleen also intuitively "diagnosed" a block in my throat chakra from afar (and I totally agreed there was surely a blockage there!).  During a subsequent phone session to clear it (Arleen had no difficlty feeling my energy even though I was 1000 miles away), she guided me into hypnosis and into a painful memory.  We reviewed the negative situation and gave it a much more positive outcome.  I know the image of that now happy baby will always warm my heart.  She has helped me to heal a part of my past.  Arleen is a very generous, compassionate, wise old soul.
Kelly R. , Montreal, QC, Canada

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