KY Spiritual Counseling 

Journey to Authenticity

Do you seek:
To be comfortable in any situation,
To find peace and be happy,
To love yourself?

We all have goals for our lives but 90% of the time most people are unable to fully achieve their visions because of numerous factors, both known to them and hidden from their awareness such as

Other people’s needs for which they feel responsible,
Past life and ancestral influences,
Feelings of inadequacy,
Societal expectations.

A fulfilled life is one in which a person has learned to face and surmount the above challenges.

Become aware of deep feelings (fear, anger, shame, etc) and develop the skills to release them.
Discover past lives and ancestral lives, and learn to release their holds on you.
Discover how to transform your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.
Use LOVE and GRATITUDE to free yourself.
Develop openness to spiritual guidance.
Forgive others and forgive yourself.
Empower yourself.
Develop intuition.
Walk into your NEW LIFE!
Arleen Carr, M.Ed.

Call or email Arleen to save your place in class.

$100 per month for weekly sessions
Class dates will be determined with input of participants.

Free Introductory class 

May 20th 10:30AM
On Thinking Outside the Box

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