KY Spiritual Counseling 

                                                TOOLS FOR SPIRITUAL GROWTH

                                                              Energy Transformation

Energy is meant to flow freely, but sometimes it gets blocked.  At these times we may experience debilitating grief, anger, or depression.  With energetic skills Arleen is often able to assist the client to release and transform the stagnant energy while using the following tools.                                                                       

Hypnosis is one of the tools Arleen uses to help the client achieve his goals.  Hypnosis can be used in many areas.  Arleen specializes in using hypnosis to transform emotional pain into choices for a positive and productive outlook on life. She also uses it to increase the client’s motivation. 

Sometimes there is a blockage that seems to go beyond the boundaries of this life.  Exploration of past lives helps the client understand how prior lives impact the current life and how this knowledge can be used in a positive, rather than a deleterious way. 

 Hypnosis can be used in many situations such as an aid in smoking cessation, weight reduction, overcoming past traumas, releasing fear, and enhancing beliefs, to name a few.  Arleen particularly uses hypnosis to support the client’s belief in his ability to achieve his dreams and to enhance his self-esteem.  
                                                         Emotional Freedom Technique

Another tool Arleen uses in spiritual counseling is Emotional Freedom Technique.  EFT is an energy tool similar to acupuncture or acupressure. However, instead of sticking needles in the client as an acupuncturist would, Arleen guides the client to tap on certain energy points as he thinks about whatever emotional issue or physical pain disturbs him. The emotional charge or the physical pain dissipates.

The benefit of EFT is enormous. First of all, the client finds relief from his current emotional or physical pain. However, a far more important effect is that as the client learns to use this tool, he will find it effective in dealing with whatever forces impact his life. He no longer will need to run to a counselor every time he feels overwhelmed in life. He can learn to fix himself.

Arleen’s ultimate goal in spiritual counseling is to teach the client self-empowerment. Often clients feel overwhelmed in life. The ultimate goal for her spiritually-seeking clients is that they become empowered and take control of their lives. EFT is an excellent tool to aid in the spiritual process. The ultimate result is that the client can become independent of Arleen because he/she has developed the resources to manage his/her life and find peace without the aid of a counselor.

Arleen has developed a far more effective use of EFT than is traditionally taught.  She incorporates a method that draws on a basic understanding of the literature of The Secret.  Using the Laws of Attraction to bring about positive change, Arleen adds verbal cues that physiologically effect the elient's energy.  The best that the traditional EFT approach can bring one is a cessation of negative emotion or of pain.  Arleen's approach can lead the client to feeling positively motivated, peaceful, joyful, or uplifted.

                                                          Belief Changing Tool

The majority of our actions, behaviors, and interactions with others comes out of the unconscious mind.We react to situations and people the same way because it is established in our brains.  However, we no longer have to be held hostage to our unconscious.  We have the ability to free ourselves.  A thought that we have thought over and over becomes unconscious and rules our lives. We can change such debilitating beliefs such as
I am helpless,
The world is a scary place,
I am not good enough,
I am vulnerable.
Arleen uses a tool called Energy Belief Transformation (EBT) that can transform these self-destructive, limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs so that the client feels capable and effective in her world.  In most occasions whenever a negative feeling or action occurs, if one examines it, she will find a negative belief underlying it.  Changing an unconscious belief to a healthy life-affirming thought will be another step toward making one's life self-empowering.

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