KY Spiritual Counseling 

Intuitive Connection

Everything is energy.  The energy of the experiences of your life continues to flow in your
energy field (known by most as an aura and the chakras) long after the experiences have been forgotten.  For instance, the anger and helplessness you may have felt as a child or even in a past life, may continue to plague you.  This energy can be perceived and moved out of your energy field, either in person or in a phone consultation.

We all have so many desires, but we often are unable to bring these goals to fruition.  That is often because certain energies (unconscious beliefs and accompanying negative emotions) block the process.  Arleen's intuitive understanding can assist you to become aware of your thinking (both conscious and unconscious) and help you to transform your limiting beliefs into empowering and life affirming energies.  Arleen, not only helps you transform your energies, but teaches you the skills to be able to do the techniques yourself.

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