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Live an inspired life.

                                                               Do you feel empowered?
                                          Do you believe that you can accomplish your goals? 

Empowerment is the feeling one has that he is capable of being effective in his life. Empowerment, like self-esteem, an aspect of empowerment, often develops as one matures.  Many dysfunctions in life and the core feeling of much trauma, is a sense of disempowerment.  Disempowerment tends to make one feel he is unable to deal with what feels like overwhelming forces.

In the face of this overwhem one often feels violated.  The individual may see himself as a victim to what he perceives as outside forces.  He tends to react by withdrawing  or striking out in an attempt to stop the pain.
A person can spend an enormous amount of energy in avoiding the thing he has come to fear.  Many of us have read it many times--that which we resist- persists.  Actually the only way to stop the pain is to face it.  In essence, facing the fear is cutting it down to size.  It is saying to God. the universe, and yourself, "I can deal with this."  Mindfulness, hypnosis, and energy tools can assist in helping one face his fear.  The first step in the process to empowerment thus becomes being willing to face one's pain.

The other aspect to becoming empowered involves the unconscious mind.  In Assaraf and Smith's book, The Answer, the authors say that the conscious mind controls only 2-4% of behavior.  Our lives, including our feelings and actions, are at the mercy of our unconscious impulses which travel 800 times faster than our conscious impulses.  We  frequently react to situations through the unconscious mind, rather than consciously understanding and making choices.  However, we are held responsible for our actions, whether they be hurtful remarks or murder. We are held responsible even if the impulse originates in our unconscious.  Doe that mean we are thus held hostage to our own internal wiring?

 No, we have the power to change even the unconscious.  The challenge of the present age is to become conscious.  When we feel uncomfortable or unhappy, if we probe the reason for the discomfort, we often find an underlying belief.  A belief is a thought that one has had so often it has gone underground and become unconscious.  If it takes courage to face one's fears, it often requires even greater fortitude to recognize and face beliefs.  Some of the most debilitating beliefs are
I am unworthy,
I am unlovable,
I am insignificant.

Each of us knows what feels so bad.  It is our deepest, darkest secret.  These painful beliefs are debilitating.  They keep us from achieving our goals.  How can one be successful in his life if he feels undeserving.  Even if one achieves outward success one often doesn't enjoy it because he is still trying to prove he is "good enough."

The light in this dark tunnel is that we can change these destructive beliefs and their accompanying black feelings.  In my experience in working with clients, I have come to believe that most, if not all people, experience these deep personal doubts.  There are methods to change these unconscious beliefs.  Some tools that can affect change are affirmations, Energetic Belief Transformation, Emotional Freedom Technique, energy work, meditation, mindfulness, toning, and reading literature such as in A Course in Miracles, and other books.These tools, along with self-acceptance and empathy, can help to bring about the self-empowerment that is the challenge and opportunity of this spiritual age.  The gift is peace. 

                                 I wish you well in your journey to empowerment.

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